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A digital media production company that has from its inception been dedicated to production of award winning images. Presently creating moving images for Local NorthWest Artists and International Recording Artists.
Our Clients have received international and national exposure due to involvement with DigitalMarionette.
Our biggest accomplishment thus far and a great joy has been the Production of a Music Video for a song “Celebration of Living” performed and arranged by BDYD band. Resulting in bringing the Clean Water to remote places in South America that have suffered heavily from not having clean water that we in our urban society take for granted.
Message is the most important part of the digitalmarionette imagery. We operate in small crews and collaborate with many great technical minds of Northwest. If the project becomes too big for our crew we have resources to share the workload with our network of creative individuals.

Presently we are in midst of concluding the schedules for the first quartal of the 2010, and we are open for business negotiations for the rest of the 2010 year. We are always looking for investors and sponsors that are interested in investing in the media companies like ours.

Feel free to contact us regarding a quote or possible partnership on a project.

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http://www.digitalmarionette.com is under construction so this blog serves us as link to the world
there is some high quality videos on this Vimeo Link

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